Reading My Gas Meter

How do I read my meter?

How do i read my meter?

Here are some basics on reading your natural gas meter:

  1. Read the dials from left to right.
  2. If the pointer is between two numbers, record the lower of the two. Example above – Dial #1, pointer is between 4 and 5, correct digit is 4.
  3. If the pointer is directly above a number, as displayed on Dial #2, check the dial immediately to the right. If this pointer is not on or pass the zero, record the lower number. In the above example, pointer on Dial #2 is above the 5, however the pointer on Dial #3 is between the 9 and 0. Therefore, the correct digit for Dial #2 is 4.
  4. For digital meters, simply record the numbers as displayed.


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