Pricing & Products

With the Vineyard Gas Marketing Sales Agreement,
you can select the pricing method that is best suited to your needs

Monthly Variable Price Fixed Price Managed Price


Each month your price is calculated using the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) settlement price for natural gas. At any time during the contract period, you may convert your price to a fixed price for all or any portion of the remaining contract period. A fixed price is determined at the outset of your contract period. The fixed price may be configured for twelve months or a “summer/winter” time frame. If you are unsure whether to fix your natural gas price or float with NYMEX, Vineyard offers various strategies to manage your future gas pricing. By working with the VOG team, we can assist you with buying natural gas futures at opportune times to achieve a 12 month gas cost between the fixed price and the variable price option.


Moderate Low Moderate


Variable Fixed Mix

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