How to Read My Invoice

Sample VOG Invoice

1. Contact Information

Mailing address, phone, fax & website if you should need to contact Vineyard regarding your invoice or account

2. Due Date / Terms / PO

To avoid finance charges, payment must be received by this date. Due date / terms is based on Terms & Conditions section of your contract. Upon request, Vineyard can include a PO# for the purchase of your natural gas.

3. Customer Information

Displays the company name and mailing address for your account. Please contact our Accounts Receivable department @ Ext 134 if your contact info should change.

4. Banking Information

Did you know you can submit payment via ACH or Wire Transfer? All invoices include Vineyard’s routing and bank account information. Contact our Accounts Receivable department @ Ext 134 for details.

5. Monthly Usage and/or Adjustment

Depending on how your account is billed, this section will show the volume adjustment for the prior month along with the estimated volume for the current month. If you are billed on “ACTUAL” volumes, only your actual usage for the month will be displayed.

6. Invoice Detail

If you are billed on estimated volumes, your invoice will include at least two lines: 1) Volume adjustment to prior month’s estimate 2) Estimated usage for current month based on meter reads supplied by customer. If you are billed on actuals, your invoice will have one line item for your actual usage. Questions regarding your billing cycle can be directed to your Marketing Representative.

7. Billable Rate

Calculated rate which is generally based on monthly NYMEX settle plus the winter/summer basis on your contract. If you fix a portion of your volume, the fixed rate plus the basis will be listed.

8. D&B Logo

Vineyard has a long outstanding reporting history with Dun & Bradstreet. We report payment history to D&B on a monthly basis for all our customers.

9. Account Summary

Displays the total invoice amount due including sales tax, payments and/or credits that have been applied to the invoice.