Vineyard Offers More

When it comes to managing your business, we realize your busy schedule doesn’t always allow you to track changes in the natural gas industry that can affect your bottom line. Vineyard is here to help. Our goal is to distribute our reliable local natural production to customers at an affordable price.

In an industry that is always changing, we pride ourselves on educating our customers with the most current sophisticated natural gas market intelligence available. Whether we are providing market information affecting the fundamentals of the industry in whole or presenting cost comparisons for you individually you can rest assured that you are getting the most relevant energy information available.

We are always tracking the market to make sure our customers get the best price. By analyzing all of the top marketing publications, you can assure that when you speak with us you are getting the most relevant and up to date information. Our sophisticated marketing software allows us to monitor pricing trends to help advise customers who are looking to hedge.

We provide customers with cost comparisons on an annual, quarterly, and even monthly basis, depending on their preference, to show how their natural gas costs are trending.

We are always here to share our knowledge and answer any questions you may have. Our dedicated staff is always available to our customers.