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Stephen B. Millis

President /
Chief Executive Officer
(814) 725-8742 ext. 121

Melissa D. Eastman

Vice President of Marketing
(814) 725-8742 ext. 132
ICE: meastman

Robert L. Garfield

Business Development
(814) 725-8742 ext. 133


Jared Leonardi

Transportation Analyst
(814) 725-8742 ext. 100
ICE: jleonardi

Andrew Sonntag

Transportation Analyst
(814) 725-8742 ext. 123
ICE: asonntag

James M. Reynard

Chief Financial Officer
(814) 725-8742 ext. 136

Noel Bartlo

Vice President of
Business Development
(814) 725-8742 ext. 176
ICE: nbartlo3

Lee Ann Sack

(814) 725-8742 ext. 120
ICE: lsack

Logan Weichler

Transportation Analyst
(814) 725-8742 ext. 155
ICE: lweichler

John Carducci

Production Analyst
(814) 725-8742 ext. 137
ICE: jcarducci

Stephanie Leek

Executive Administrative Assistant
(814) 725-8742 ext. 131

Pipeline/ Field Staff

Alan W. Dingfelder

Eric V. Canfield