Our Company

Stephen B. Millis, President
Vineyard Oil & Gas

“Just do what you did for your buddy Terry.”, I often hear when talking to one of our producer clients.

They are referring to, of course, Terry Pegula and the sale of his company to Royal Dutch Shell for $4.7 billion dollars and our company’s marketing and transportation strategies that helped him do it.

When you have been in the natural gas marketing business for as long as gas marketing has been a business, it should surprise no one when you become aligned with very successful natural gas producers and consumers. Brilliant businesses and their people seem to have a way to converge when goals and philosophies are shared.

From a distance, the enormous volume of natural gas managed by our company may appear daunting. But when you realize that each molecule of that precious hydrocarbon has been carefully choreographed from its initial gathering, processing and transportation until the final agreement for sale, you begin to appreciate our efforts. Efforts carried out in such a way, by such talented and experienced people that it becomes abundantly clear why our company is the energy partner with so many extraordinary companies.

Whether it is an end-use customer who has shared their business plan with us and the importance natural gas plays to a bottom line or a driller/producer who simply points their finger to a spot on a map, the directive to Vineyard Oil and Gas Company is always the same: figure it out and help us become successful. And that is exactly what we do.